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Despite a defeat against Barcelona that hurt because of the merits contracted, Real are strengthening in the final stages of the championship. The physical form of txuri urdin is responsive, the clarity in the game is showing signs of intelligence, at the expense of the end of the season to regain the lost goal, which will be the key to the defense in sixth place and the similar quest for larger purpose, which has not yet been thrown inside the locker room.

The five days left for the end of the League represents that everything that has been happening since the ball rolled this Sunday to the Vallecas is taking on a big dimension. The race for Europe is exciting. There’s a three -win difference between fourth and seventh place and since Betis won the Cup on Saturday night, the cards are on the table as long as Pellegrini’s staff remains in the top six. Hopefully this will happen.

La Real got ten points from possibly fifteen of the five games they played in the first round against their last championship rivals. Imanol’s team counted their encounters with the next three opponents as victories: Rayo (1-0), Levante (1-0) and Cádiz (0-2). The authors of those four goals who gave the equivalent of six points will not be repeated this time: Oyarzabal and Barrenetxea. The opponents in the last two days were harder bones. La Real lost to Villarreal in Anoeta (1-3) and got a point in the field of Atlético de Madrid (2-2) after neutralizing the two-goal lead.

The same balance from now until the end will lead to Real adding 65 points. It is about the projection obtained from the sum rhythm that the txuri urdin mark, of one point and a half passes per game. This is a mark that is usually equivalent to qualification for Europe.

properly positioned

In this league, 65 credits at the last locker point will be essential for entry into the Europa League. The Champions League, on the other hand, will be vague, as Atlético de Madrid, currently in fourth place, have four less (61). A careful result of five points to 15 would be enough for Simeone’s staff, provided, yes, that Betis doesn’t come close to repeating its first round against its remaining opponents: it gets 12 points, 80% of those who will compete for grabs starting this weekend.

Certainly Betis currently have two points more than Real, so if Alguacil match their records from the first round, they will force the Sevillians not to lower their guard and defend their fifth spot with the obligation to add eight more units in your current account (57).

Real’s sixth-place finish is in the hands of ten points that have established this type of reference, as Villarreal will need to shoot from seventh position. The ‘yellow submarine’ is three points away and they will find themselves promising to sign in almost a plenary session if Real look in its mirror from the first round. If Betis finishes in the top six, both fifth and sixth will go to the Europa League and seventh in the Conference. And six more points guarantee Europe in Real.

Source: La Verdad


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