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He Girona left the Madrid shocked on Tuesday and the match of boat he is new Ray it became almost certain for the title conquest. It remains to be verified what mentality the leader will play and how much level/success the local team will oppose.

Know in advance what the ball wants Xavi and Iraolaguaranteed analysis for both defenses and respective goalkeepers.

The rivalry, at 10 o’clock in the evening, on well-watered grass and with a pleasant temperature, began with great physical energy and two challenges for both eleven: possession of the ball and increased pressure in front. Xavi together Peter at eleven, Iraola without fear: with three strikers to try to take advantage Oscar Trejo. The game started off better boatespecially annoying to Raybut erring on the pass that ruined the offensive intentions.

not suitable to Vallecasnarrow field and small feel, great power passing through the center Araujoin length, and Koundé and bucket starting game. Result, up to Peter He was infected and all that was a psychological vitamin for Rayo. With the ball, there were many unforced errors from the Blaugrana team.


In Ray He doesn’t like being ‘tamed’ with long possessions or a slow pace of play. They did not feel that the boat I can make differential football.

And this is the group of Xavi He did not place a sacred object in such narrow and short fields: control and a pass with a useful delivery to his partner. Undoubtedly, yesterday was the game that the Blaugrana team did not perform well technically. And so, the more you run, the angrier you are, the more painful the game is and the more the team in front of you grows.

For Dimitrievsky, easy; For their defenses as well and for the rest of the local team, it was a pleasure to run with stolen balls. And the hardest, Ray punished Barça’s lack of technical precision at the start of the game with a goal from alvaro garciacross hard and almost low left foot, in the first action and another from the side fran garciathe celebrated 2-0, planted himself in front of Ter Stegen. It’s hard Xavi change the course of the game.


The leader wanted but could not leave. The ball did not flow through the boot and even the changes of the Blaugrana coach did not correct the persistent defects.

Changing positions, coming to three quarters of the field with Ray well armed to defend and, then yes, get out right away. The goal came but was disallowed for offside. The rain and desire attacked together without heat. It is not important because soccer is so unpredictable with a good internal movement of Lewandowskifinally!, the hunted.

A late 2-1 because against the brave Barça attacker, Rayo knew how to play in time until they came out victorious against the leader.

He was yesterday boat he doesn’t treat the ball well but I assure you that kind of field, without detracting from the good football that RayIt has a lot to do with it. It’s up to the leader to answer Legs.

Source: La Verdad


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