A Liverpool-Madrid final with double the amount of goals


It premiered this year UEFA new competition format that eliminates double the amount of goals in the opposite field and when the knockout rounds ended there was little curiosity to know if anyone had changed this formula from round of 16. A review of 14 two -legged duels since round of 16 and aside from the subjective analysis that would assume that this or that team would approach a match otherwise if the rule existed, the conclusion left by the results would have been the last both: Liverpool-Real Madrid.

In fact, this is an edition where very little extra time is played. Of the 14 qualifying rounds, only two went in extra time, both from real Madrid, and not in the penalty shootout. Initially, the result of the second leg against Chelsea This is in 90 minutes which is exactly the same as in the first leg (1-3), so extra time is also needed. Not so in the semifinals against City of Manchester. Sa Madrid 2-1 in regulation time was enough for them to achieve, as they fell 4-3 in the first leg. This would have been the only pairing where the development had changed a bit, although not the name of the finalist.

Here is how the 14 qualifiers in the total result of adding two games were resolved:

Round of 16:

Benfica-Ajax (2-2 and 1-0). Total: 3-2

Inter-Liverpool (0-2 and 1-0) Aggregate: 1-2

Villarreal-Juventus (1-1 and 3-0) Overall: 4-1

RB Salzburg-Bayern Munich (1-1 and 1-7) Total: 2-8

Sporting Lisbon-Manchester City (0-5 and 0-0) Overall: 0-5

Atlético de Madrid-Manchester United (1-1 and 1-0) Total: 2-1

Chelsea-Lille (2-0 and 2-1) Overall: 4-1

PSG-Real Madrid (1-0 and 1-3) Aggregate: 2-3

Quarter finals:

Benfica-Liverpool (1-3 and 3-3) Aggregate: 4-6

Villarreal-Bayern Munich (1-0 and 1-1) Overall: 2-1

Manchester City-Atletico Madrid (1-0 and 0-0) Overall: 1-0

Chelsea-Real Madrid (1-3 and 3-2) Overall: (4-5 after extra time)


Liverpool-Villarreal (2-0 and 2-3) Overall: 5-2

Manchester City-Real Madrid 4-3 and 1-3 (5-6 after extra time)

Source: La Verdad


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