Ruthless words from Leverkusen players on Mourinho’s football: “Disgusting”


He Bayer Leverkusen was removed from european league and was left without the long-awaited final after losing to Rome in computing double elimination (1-0 and 0-0). With a single goal the team qualifies for a Jose Mourinho heavily criticized by the Leverkusen players after the game.

What they didn’t like was the style, the football proposal to defend the result achieved in the first leg in Italy. And they expressed it after going through the showers at BayArena despite the fact that the German team, which is better, has also not scored a goal in two games.

“It’s a shame that a style of play like this can be rewarded in a high-level semi-final,” said Kerem Demirbay on ‘RTL’. “It’s bitter, very bitter. For football too. But we have to congratulate our opponent. He reached his goal in a disgusting way.”

His team-mate Nadiem Amiri said: “I’m overwhelmed. We don’t deserve to be eliminated by a team that has nothing to do with football. I wonder how it’s possible, given how they played today and last time week… That’s not football. For a team like that to get to the final is crazy.”

Leverkusen’s sports director, Simon Rolfes, was also not cut off: “After every shot on goal there was another player on the ground that they had to carry on a stretcher because he was badly injured. I think everyone on the stadium today wish him a lot of good luck in Sevilla in the final. It’s a pity that this way of playing leads to victory”.

Source: La Verdad


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