Loan expired in 1927 – Borrowed 96 years ago: Book back in library


A strange incident has puzzled the staff of a library in the US state of California: a man had returned a book that had been borrowed almost 100 years ago. Actually, fees worth a four-digit dollar amount would have been made…

The return of A History of the United States by Benson Lossing was something no one at St. Helena’s library expected. The loan period expired on 21 February 1927 – the lost work has now found its way back to the library. However, it has been badly damaged in recent decades and is already falling apart. The incident is very mysterious.

An unknown gentleman had appeared in the library and had only said something about his father – but that was all the staff understood. “He didn’t mention his name,” says library director Chris Kreiden. No one has any idea who the mysterious lord was.

Theoretically, a fine of $1756 is due
The library hopes the stranger will call back so they can learn more about the story behind the record loan. Actually, a penalty of $1756 would be due for the very late return – but the library would waive this.

Source: Krone


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