The vengeful behavior of the players on the last day of the F League


The final day of the F League which started this Friday started with an image that gives a lot to talk about. The players dReal Madrid and Real Sociedad They posed in the opening match of this 30th round covering the League logo on the right sleeve of the shirt, as a gesture of protest against the negotiations for the collective agreement, which were completely blocked.

The disagreement between the employers and the five unions led to a situation of no return where it was not possible to continue to advance, which caused the soccer players’ logical concern. They wanted to make known their discomfort with this very significant gesture.

LaLiga Profesional Femenina confirmed that it proposed to increase the minimum conditions of the previous agreement regarding players’ salaries by more than 30% and that it accepted two of the three measures from the unions, referring to the retroactive nature for 2022 -2023 season and remove the bias.

However, the unions sent a statement stating that they have made a final proposal to the F League to sign a three-year agreement, reaching a minimum salary of €30,000 in the previous year, with retroactive effect and eliminates partiality. And they regret that they launched this proposal after the table was established on July 21, 2022, without any progress being made “on any point of interest, because initially it was agreed to talk about the salary of the players of soccer.”

For this reason, soccer players of Real Sociedad and Real Madrid they jump on the Zubieta field of play covering the patch of the highest women’s competition, placed on the right sleeve of the shirt. They also did this while posing for a photo of the starting eleven.

Source: La Verdad


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