The Federation urges the activation of anti-racism protocols


The Spanish Football Federation issued a statement in the early hours following racist incidents against Vinicius in Mestalla. In it, in addition to expressing his dismay at what happened, he urges that anti-racism protocols be applied immediately, calling for the intervention of State Anti-Violence Commission and applying the closure of stadiums: “The Federation He was disappointed by what had happened and he understood that these attitudes should be eliminated. For this reason, it urges that the protocols be immediately activated so that the strongest measures are immediately adopted. Both the committee and the State Commission against violence and xenophobia and racism in sport must act on the matter, even closing the stands whenever it happens and stadiums when it is due to recidivism.

The RFEF It also urges “the clubs to cooperate in the immediate eradication of these unfortunate events, to respect the rules and sanctions of sports and not to delay them using artificial judicial resources.”

In this case, many appeals and partial sanctions of the stands are suspended when the clubs decide to appeal them before the ordinary courts where the decisions adopted by the federative disciplinary bodies and the TAD itself are null and void .

This Monday is scheduled to speak Luis Rubialespresident of RFEF. This is at the end of the event planned in Ciudad del Fútbol on the occasion of the visit to Soccer City of the Women’s FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Source: La Verdad


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