De Laurentiis confirmed Spalleti’s farewell


The president of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, confirmed this Sunday Luciano Spalletti he will not be the coach of Napoli next season.

Spalletti he has been a great coach, he is a free man, he has done his part, I thank him and now it is only fair that he continue what he wants”, he said tonight on the program ‘Che Tempo’, in ‘ RaiTre’ channel.

“Coaches are divided into those who want to make the transfer market and those who train. He trained, we gave him exceptional raw materials and he grew it,” he added.

After weeks plagued by rumors about the coach’s departure, the Partenopean president himself explained the reasons for his departure.

Spalletti he is a free man. After 50 years in the cinema and many exclusives, when someone comes to you and says: ‘I’ve given everything but the cycle of my life is over, I still have a contract with you but I’d rather have a sabbatical year’ . What are you doing, do you object? You have to be generous in life, I never expect anything in return. He gave, I am grateful and now he should continue what he wants to do,” the president said.

The coach who carried out the success of the ‘Scudetto’ will say goodbye, therefore, this weekend to Diego Armando Maradona he is new sampdoria, Now with nothing at stake, on what will be a new festive day in Naples, celebrating the historic season with the players and the trophy.

There are several media outlets that now teach in Spanish Luis Enrique Martinezcoach of Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Roma and the Spanish team, among others, as a favorite of DeLaurentiis to occupy the position on the Neapolitan bench.

Source: La Verdad


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