“Sports season is ruined”


The executive president of Real Sporting de Gijón, David Guerra, He on Monday considered the team’s failure this season, which he described as “disastrous”, and assured that the club will not have to sell players.

Guerra, who this afternoon conducted a review of the season just ended, coach Miguel Ángel Ramírez ratified his position, “for the work he does every day”, and the work model of the Orlegi Group, as the best formula for “getting the team where it belongs”.

“Fans are tired of words and want facts”, recognized by Guerra, who repeatedly said that “the maximum possible investment is made in the team but they do not know how to get the best performance”.

He recalled all the efforts that the Orlegi Group was making since he arrived at Sporting with a Capital increase included, and he is sure that “the results of all the changes being made will begin to be seen in the next period”.

The president assured it “new faces will be seen next season adding value to make a team that deserves to be higher” but he warned that he cannot promise “promotion even though he is doing the daily work to try to improve”.

Guerra also said that they know “what needs to be done to improve” and denied that an investment effort was not made in the workforce and highlighted the improvements being made to Mareo, such as building a residence or beautifying a lawn carried out with CVC funds.

Regarding the next squad, he said that it is still too early as the whole development of the season is being evaluated but he said that “Incorporations need to provide seniority and character”, in addition to repeating “Mareo will be a very important piece”.

“We’ve made decisions, some not popular but always believe that they are to improve”, indicated Guerra, acknowledging that “what happened in yesterday’s game is a reflection of the times and something like this does not happen by chance”.

In the effort that the Orlegi Group is making so that Gijón is one of the venues of World Cup 2030 If it is given to Spain, Guerra reiterated that “this is an opportunity to improve the field that, in one way or another, needs to be carried out and this is a good opportunity to do it.”

Source: La Verdad


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