Djokovic’s controversial political message at Roland Garros


Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovicworld no. 3, wrote a controversial political message on camera after losing Alexander Kovacevic at its premiere in Roland Garros. “Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Stop the violence”Djokovic said.

This unexpected message comes when there are tensions between Serbian and Kosovo have increased in recent weeks, against the background of Kosovo’s self-declared independence.

“There are no official rules of grand slam about what players can or cannot say. The FFT will not make any statement or take any position on this matter,” the agency told Reuters. French Tennis Federation (FFT)organizer of the Roland Garros tournament.

The mission of NATO In Kosovo, KFOR had to intervene to stop violent protests by Serbs in northern Kosovo, who refused to accept the authority of the mayors of four municipalities where they were the majority, and left at least 50 demonstrators and 25 wounded soldiers.

KFOR reported that 25 of its soldiers, of Hungarian and Italian nationality, were injured with fractures, bruises and burns caused by incendiary devices.

Serbs, the majority in these municipalities, but a minority in Kosovo, do not recognize the authority of the mayors, who belong to the country’s Albanian majority. The councilors were elected in April in elections boycotted by the Serbs and in which participation barely exceeded 3%.

USA and the European Union condemned the attacks by the international forces and the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, expressed his “strongest condemnation of the attack.” Among those injured in the Kosovo riots are 11 Italian soldiers, three seriously, although their lives are not in danger, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced on social networks.

The President of Serbia, Alexander Vucicaccused the prime minister of Kosovo, albin kurti of stirring up the incidents, which used special police forces three days ago to force the entry of the mayors into the Town Halls, which were blocked by Serb demonstrators.

The United States and several European countries have condemned Kosovo’s use of force, and the United States has even suggested that mayors perform their duties from other buildings, to help calm the situation.

Serb armed units approached the border with Kosovo on a presidential order after clashes broke out between protesters and police in a Serb-majority Kosovar city.

The incidents came a day after the NATO chief Jens Stoltenbergcalled on Kosovo to reduce tensions with Serbia following clashes between Kosovar police and protesters opposing Albanian mayors in ethnic Serb areas.

Serbia and its traditional ally Russia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, and Moscow blocked the country’s candidacy to become a member of the United Nations. Serbia still considers Kosovo part of its territory.

Source: La Verdad


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