Jordi Cruyff: “It depends on what Messi wants and the ‘fair play’ we have”


Jordi Cruyff: “It depends on what Messi wants and the ‘fair play’ we have”

rafael justsports vice president of FC Barcelona; Jordi Cruyff, sports director of the Barça club until June 30; and Enric MasipJoan Laporta’s advisor, has been asked in recent times about the possibility that Leo Messi return to the Camp Nou from July 1, once his contract with PSG expires. will not renew and Saudi Arabia tempting him with a good offer as the culé fans chanted his name at the Camp Nou.

“Nothing is expected any time soon,” he replied. And you when asked if this Tuesday there might be specific news about it. “Depends on what you want. Messi and also in the economic ‘fair play’ that LaLiga marks us”, he answered Jordi Cruyff. the phrase of Jordi Cruyff agree with the explanations you provided Xavi Hernandez whenever he is asked about the possible return of Messi to Barcelona.

For his part, Enric Masip taught about Messi that “we’ll see, Barça has to look at its economic situation and it will be seen based on that. Here we are always optimistic. The issue of how it went has been settled. But ‘fair play’ is difficult. to understand from on Yes, and you have to look at all the numbers and work. A downer if he doesn’t come? All the opinions are good. He is the best in history. The illusion that he created, well, he didn’t come, he wasn’t there It’s a shame for everyone. They love the club and want to see him as a Barça player, but we can’t talk about the percentage of chances. Mateu and Jordi carrying the theme Yes Leo do you want to come? If only…”

Rafael Yuste, Jordi Cruyff and Enric Masip They are some of the Barça representatives at Sport’s Any 2023 Culer Gala.

Source: La Verdad


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