Xavi: “Competing in Europe, the pending issue”


Xavi Hernandez gave an extensive interview to Jordi Grau for him goal to goal of TV3, where he reviewed his first full season as coach of boat and where he also spoke about the immediate future. The Barca coach is very clear about the challenge for next season: “Next year we have to compete Europe, our pending subject”. In this sense, he commented that “the feeling of not being able to compete with big teams is difficult.”

Xavi He admitted that “the players were angry because I was the most celebrated of the League, but I suffered, many times I had a bad time”. He explained that “as a coach you live with triple intensity, the good and the bad, you are responsible for everything. It talks about League of Xavi and I see it unfair, but it’s unfair when they blame you for everything.

Remembering the season that ends on Sunday in Vigo, Xavi shows that “after defeating the Bernabeu I met with the squad, I asked the rest of the staff to leave me alone with the players, because in that game it was the only one I saw that lacked a little soul. is lost passion and those amounts he demanded from day one, attitude, i respect and effort. I noticed something was wrong with the team and I met with them, for a long time. We said things to each other’s faces and there was a before and after that talk, it made us be closer than ever.”

Count coach, he was surprised by an environment he already knew. He said that “there was a lack of support from around, which in the first corner, is already positioned against the. I used to watch newspapers and sports programs from Barça, and I saw a criticism very fierce to the staff, as being at fault in the situation”. He understands that “Barça is the most difficult club in the world, whatever you do is not enough, there is always something wrong.” And he reiterated that “it’s not fair for them to compare us to Barça from 2010 or 2012”.

Xavi responded to some criticism received by his ‘staff’ on the course: “I didn’t take it well, because my staff is exceptional. My brother is not there because he is my brother, he can be the coach of Barça. AND Sergio Alegre too. Or the members of the ‘trident’ (David Pratts, Sergio Garcia and Tony Wolf) are wonderful, they have become footballers and they know how to treat the barça dressing room, regardless of whether they are brothers or friends, they are exceptional”.

He also talked aboutCase of Negreira‘ and admitted that “we have suffered a lot from the explosion of the issue and we have been hurt as an institution. But we know that we have not bought a referee, the feeling of hatred is very great on all fronts, but instead of breaking the group , that’s what brought us.”

in bad moments, Xavi He admitted that he had a bad time for the fans. He said that “sometimes you have the feeling that people have failed. When you lose 0-3, you take the kids to school and they quickly get back in the car, I’m ashamed to have lost”. For this reason, reflecting he that “the boat It’s a crushing year.” However, he celebrates the change in attitude of the fans: “They hardly whistled, on the day of Bayern We had to come out to congratulate them, I noticed an amazing change, we got loyalty from the fans ”

The return of Messi

“It depends on him, if he wants to go to Barça, we will do everything to get him,” he said. Xavi about the possible return of Leo Messi. The coach explained that “I think the conditions are right, at the football level I think it will help us a lot, there is no doubt about that. Then there are other situations, personal and economic”.

Xavi He explained that “I have a friendly relationship with Leo, we congratulate each other when he plays and he always looks at Barça, and I look at Argentina and PSG. We appreciate if he can join football and he can help us, I have no doubt”. insisted Xavi saying “at the institutional level there is no doubt and it will even help us financially. Many culés want him to come back and chant his name, now it’s up to him, I’d say it’s 99 percent”

The departures of Alba and Piqué

Xavi He spoke about managing the squad and admitted that “when I arrived in November a year and a half ago I thought it was easier.” He recalled that “when you have to make decisions that go against what the player wants, it starts to get difficult. SA Pique I had to tell him to step aside, that he would play less. I even had a hard time sleeping, because we had so much fun together”. The last case is that of sunrise. “You have the feeling that you’ve failed as a friend, but you have to put the team first,” he said. And remember “it happened to me as well Luis EnriqueYou don’t understand it, you have the feeling that you should play after many years as a starter. jordi He got angry, you have to understand. But then there was a group chat and he told us he was 100 percent committed. And so it was Pique. They know how to leave on time”

Cancelo’s failed move

In the interview, he was asked Xavi if you know that Guardiola He will not appreciate his arrival as coach of Barça, something he does not know. But instead he declared that “we want I canceled, in January they offered it to us and we gave the ‘ok’ when it arrived, but later they told us that City did not want Barça to come”. After the rejection of the Barcelona club, the City decided to give up I canceled at Bayern Munich

The collusion with Laporta

remembered Xavi that “the president is the head of this project, a club found adrift in sports and economy. It’s our second year Messi and experienced a lot. But Laporta is a very brave person, he gives us confidence, security, he has a lot of charisma and we are like a family”. The technician also featured the work of Matthew German and jordi

Its arrangement, on track

Asked if he will renew, Xavi He replied directly and bluntly: “Yes.” And he wants to make it clear that “I will never be a problem for Barça, and not so economical, we will not understand sooner than later. I know they will try as much as they can and there will be no problems. I hope it continues for many year, we will renew”

Source: La Verdad


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