UD Las Palmas Why is it wrong to compare subscription prices with other Primera clubs?


A good reading of the audit of the firm RSM on UD Las Palmas in 2021 compared to the year of Covid19 in 2020 shows that the yellow team has suffered great damage in its accounts that it should recover when the goal of promotion was achieved. at first. because The club now has a different challenge: never to return to the Second Division. And for that you need money. In December 2021, the yellow team registered losses of 3,051,019 euros.

Meaning: not yet promoted to the First Division and wait a few years to see what happens, but always stay in the quarry and external reinforcements. He Reputational damage falling Second to a tourist destination like Gran Canaria drags down prices in the hotel sector, holiday homes and increases public spending on promotion abroad to maintain the brand in the original markets, not only in Spain but in other parts of Europe.

It is not a wet continent. Comparisons of season ticket prices at other clubs on the Peninsula can be misleading as, initially, there are additional transport costs or the 52,000 liters of daily water needed by each of the two natural grass pitches at Barranco Seco (the costs of the Gran Canaria Stadium will go to the Cabildo account) to keep the team in shape that, every two weekends, not counting the Copa del Rey, moves to humid areas and the players must adapt to this environment. That in the Canary Islands was formed in water produced by desalination plants and, therefore, at a crazy cost because it is generated with energy. On the islands the price of water is higher than oil. The price of a cubic meter of water in the Canary Islands is two euros and in the Peninsula it is 1.47 on average.

that’s it Water is key to the training sessions of the 14 teams of UD Las Palmas, which in 2021 acquired 14 hectares of land in Barranco Seco for 721,000 euros. Maintaining these training spaces requires strict control, such as the height of the grass, which should be between 15 and 35 millimeters for a high level. Definitely: water is fuel for equipment.

UD Las Palmas decided unfreeze the prices of subscriptions to take the value of the First, considering that you must combine this proposal as a long-term pro-amateur. The idea of ​​the yellow team that in 2024 it will celebrate 75 years since its creationalthough it predates the creation of Real Club Victoria in 1909, i.e. 109 years ago, it will not return to the Second Division.

This is not Liverpool. And it was that The rise of Las Palmas is not something temporary. UD Las Palmas don’t have the power of Liverpool although they have better fans for sure. In the United Kingdom, Liverpool announced a 2% increase in season tickets for 2023-2024. In other words, the fan who buys his season ticket to attend home games will have to pay an extra pound per game, for a total of 19 pounds (22 euros) more per season.

In Liverpool, As in other clubs in continental Spain, there is no problem with water. to irrigate while in Las Palmas it is irrigated with a mixture of natural and desalinated water as well as other chemical substances, that is, water produced with energy.

Las Palmas faces promotion after overcoming the Covid19 pandemic and the The Canarian entity has to balance the accounts. The growing inflation in the Canary Islands, together with the increase in electricity, due to the war in Ukraine, damaged the accounts of UD Las Palmas.

He The Faro Amarillo collective requested a meeting with UD Las Palmas so that the theory that defends a series of equilibrium prices is considered and it does not constitute distancing from the followers of the yellow club.

Among other criteria, Faro Amarillo defends an idea that, in the group’s opinion, is logical. Create a subscription comparator to have a balanced offer. There are other standards raised in 2019 such as discount for seniority, assistance, family, promotion for bringing new subscribers and bundle subscribers over 5 years into the renewal price.

He The price of season tickets is one of the issues that could generate the most anger in the new phase of UD Las Palmas. Operating costs (organizing a match at the Gran Canaria Stadium, for example) have increased in recent years and Bill costs like electricity and water are rising on a dry cliff.


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Source: La Verdad


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