Alonso: “Without the ground damage, we would have been in the first or second line”


There are many expectations around the options of Fernando Alonso in the qualifying session Spanish GP. However, the complex conditions left by the rain in Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya They caused the Spaniard’s first big mistake so far this season.

Before starting his first timed lap of the entire session, right through the entrance curve to the finish line, alonso he lost control of his Aston Martin and landed on the gravel, severely damaging the flat bottom. To cap off a bad day, on his last attempt at Q3 he went wide at turn 10 and lost some very valuable tenths.

“That it’s not even a fast lap is more painful but it is what it is. I think I touched the wet part and then I left. When you go through the gravel at 200 i peak per hour you break the ground a lot and from there we went to the changed leg”

“In the session, I asked how many tenths we were damaged and they didn’t want to tell me, so I think there will be a few things to fix. Looking at the classification, I think we can fight between of second and fourth. . But I lost a point braking at turn 10. The car has potential, let’s see if we can overtake in the final corners. And we’ll also be careful at the back because there’s Checo, Leclerc and Russell. “.

The time will come to return

Last year he had to go back with Alpine after a bad approach on Saturday. With the new configuration of the final sector, without the chicane, more overtaking is expected. However, the Spaniard has more doubts: “I can’t tell you if it will be easier to overtake. Here there is a lot of degradation and the overtaking that there is is more due to the difference in tire load, whatever arrangement. of the circuit. The Top- 5 has to be a realistic result.”

The rain and the black clouds have been the main characters throughout the weekend and on Sunday, in principle, they could also appear. Starting from further back, for Fernando it would not be bad news: “Yes, the rain would not hurt, or at least that there is a bit of chaos and risk,” he expressed to finish in the corralito.

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Source: La Verdad


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