Ferrari, same problems despite the news: “Lack of consistency”


Ferrari came to Barcelona with many innovations in his car. Carlos Sainz emphasizes “juggling” that he had to do Maranello factory to bring these updates “in record time” to Barcelonaa big effort to put the new pieces on track ahead of schedule to test them in such a representative layout to get basic data like Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya. The red team has two goals: to make the car easier for their drivers to drive, and above all, to improve the big degradation they had every Sunday. But the second recession happened again.

Ferrari was very fast in one lap around the course, capable of fighting for pole positions against the dominant car, Red Bull. But every Sunday, the red cars melted into a bad race pace explained by their massive wear and a big mismatch in the tires. The car operated in a very specific window of use in terms of temperatures and track conditions. And when things change, the behavior of the wheels is completely different. A difficult car to pin down and that prevented them from getting 100% of their potential consistently throughout the weekend on every tyre. And in Barcelona, ​​​​​​things have not improved in that sense despite the many changes that have taken place in the car.

Carlos Sainz clarified to the Spanish press present at the Circuit, with MD, confirming that on lap 12 he was suffering a lot with his tires and if he wants to maintain his first stop strategy, he needs to slow down. He couldn’t pull, because that would mean ‘eating’ the wheels. Ferrari introduced some new sidepods more in the style of Red Bull, a change of concept that Carlos considered too new for the Italians and the team should be given time to analyze to know how to take the potential that the car has. hidden

“The thing is that sometimes things work out of the box and sometimes you need a couple of races to understand them well. It’s a bit of a new concept for us, so probably we need to explore it and improve it. And then also remember that we took it to the worst circuit of the season for us: high degradation, with many fast corners, where we knew that even without the new package we would suffer a lot.

Vasseur: “Step forward, has potential”

Despite this, Fréderic Vasseur, Ferrari Team Principal, assured ‘DAZN F1’ that things should be looked at from a positive point of view, that the car has taken “a step forward”and although the high damage, bigger than its rivals, that improvement may be masked by the bigger step forward Mercedes has taken With its important package of improvements, with half a new car compared to the beginning of the course.

“There are positive things. The most difficult thing is to do the analysis and separate the good from the bad. I think we have taken a step forward. This was the best ‘qualification’ of the year for Carlos Sainz and even at the speed of racing we are faster than Aston Martin, so Overall, we took a step forward, but not enough, because we wanted to be at least ahead of Mercedes and that didn’t happen in this race.”Vasseur commented on ‘DAZN F1’ after the race.

“A deeper analysis will tell us that we went like in Miami, very inconsistent from one batch to another, in Charles’s car it was even worse, because in the same compound we had problems and in the first and last one it was not bad at all… and with Carlos, with the medium in the middle batch we also had problems, when with the hard and the soft it was not so bad. We have to find this inconsistency, because we want to be on the front line.”he added. However, Carlos made it clear that in his first stint he suffered a lot, because on lap 12 he ran out of rubber, so in that first stint he also suffered.

“Lack of consistency. The potential is good but we don’t have consistency. I think it’s also frustrating for the team because we do well on Saturday and then it goes down on Sundays. I would sayThe positive thing about it is that we know where the weaknesses are and where we have to improve if we want to get results and the potential is there.” But the truth is that Ferrari has known this for a long time, and the worrying thing is that so far, there is no sign of improvement for Sunday.. “Once we know, starting on the front line will be an easier job.” But first they need to find out the reasons that motivate him to dilute himself every Sunday.

“Mercedes took a big step forward, yes, but they have done it in the last few races. Miami was a copy and paste of this, us in the qualy and them in the race, except the Aston Martin was faster than last weekend. I would say that we have taken a step forward, but if you compare yourself to Mercedes, it seems that in the last 3 or 4 events they took forward, you have to write it down and that is the focus of the team. now.finished

Source: La Verdad


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