About the ball hit by the ball: “The ball is going twice as fast as it seems”


Sarah Sorribes was warned that there were comments on social networks criticizing him and his doubles partner, the Czech Marie Bouzkovathey would have faced the chair umpire, who only sang a warning, to warn that one of their rivals, the Japanese Kato, had been hit by a ball boy and the girl was crying.

“I did not enter the networks, but I was afraid of the reaction of the public when I came out on the track today (for the individual with Beatriz Haddad Maia), but you have seen how I entered and how I exited. “. Applauded for his effort in 3h.51′, despite the loss.

“I think and I believe that Marie and I did nothing wrong. We were concerned about what was happening to the girl, who was crying. We explained to the chair umpire what happened, that he did not see it. Everything else is a decision of the supervisor”, explained Sorribes.

He ordered the disqualification of Kato and Sutjiadi.

“The rule is the rule. There are people involved in the game who deserve respect. The girl does not have to have a panic attack, cry for twenty minutes,” said the woman from Castellón, who provided information: “The ball is will go twice as strong as it appears in the video. Watching the whole game you understand everything better”, he concluded.

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Source: La Verdad


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