Italian: “We leave with our heads held high and proud”


Vincenzo Italiano, coach of Fiorentina, ensured that he and his players left “with their heads held high and proud” of a season in which they arrived, in addition to the Conference League final lost today against West Ham (1-2), in the Coppa Italia final against Inter, where they also lost 2-1.

“It hurts because it came after another lost final, after a well-interpreted match in which we received a little bit. Two episodes punish us: a penalty that in my opinion should be reviewed and a second goal if where we have to act differently ” He told DAZN at the end of the crash.

“We lost the second final where we faced our opponent with a great personality and we left with our heads held high and proud. But it hurts to lose two in one year, in fifteen days…” , insisted the Italian coach.

“All I can say to my players is that they can be proud. We could have been awarded a title, but now we need to regroup and continue. This is the path,” he added.

And now, in Naples?

And about his future, which could lead him to the Naples bench, Italiano commented: “The president is clear that we have to play these two finals first. But then, as happened to the others, we will meet and talk about in the future. There is nothing more to add: we sit down and calmly discuss everything.”

Source: La Verdad


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