Dalic: “We want to make history”


zlatko dalicselector of Croatiaconfirmed this Tuesday in a press conference that his team is going for the Nations League title and that he does not mind “going home” early.

The Balkan team will face the Netherlands in the semifinals of the ‘Final Four’. This is his last obstacle before the final, where he will go for the first title in his history.

“We’re looking for good results here”

“We are here to win the title and we don’t think about going back home. We want the title. We have a good opportunity to win a title. We are looking for great results here,” he commented.

“The Netherlands is a good team. It will be a very difficult game and we will see if we can make it to the final. We have a lot of energy to play a good game,” he added.

Dalic recalled that the first edition of the Nations League “was not good” for Croatia and that is why now their players want to “make history”. To do this, they must first destroy a “good and quality” team.

Asked what advice I could give Luka Modric to resolve his future, he implies that his captain knows best “what is good” for him.

no relaxations

Likewise, he made it clear that even if they lose the first game, none of his players will go home because none of them “want to” and because they all want to win a medal.

“We want to reach the final, we want to win. What we did, to be one of the best four, is a big success. It’s difficult, but I’m optimistic. We want to show everything we do. well these days,” he concluded .

Source: La Verdad


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