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It seems that Real, and more specifically its football management, has burned the proverb, as shown by the rapid movement of the market carried out in recent times, even anticipating the expiration of contracts, which, Officially, they expire on June 30 each year. Obviously, this, along with the great secrecy in which the negotiations are conducted, contributes to facilitating a successful operation, away from the focus of the media, and trying not to raise dangerous hares in the form of potential competitors . And so came the announcement of the signing of Come on Traorea footballer with good references, and comes to cover one of the few gaps seen in the solid structure of the Imanol group.

If there seems to be absolute agreement on one thing, it is the need to strengthen the right-back demarcation, where, for various reasons, neither Gorosabel nor Sola has been able to remove doubts about their suitability, to the point that it has a necessary third, Aritz Elustondo, who in many cases is charged with the responsibility of covering the right rear. If that is so, How are you and his team moved quickly to fill that gap, and I brought it He is now one of Real. They take the matter of upholding that demarcation so seriously that the Odriozola option continues to be just that, an option, although it can now be cooked at a slower heat.

Having said that, and studying what happened throughout the season, one comes to the conclusion that this team doesn’t seem to be missing much more. Once decided, except for the surprise, that the squire of remiro will be a man of the house, and waiting for a resolution in one sense or another situation of Sorlothwith two of the fittest center-backs in the championship, a midfield full of talent, and an attack with various alternatives, except that on the other side of the defense, the left foot, where some weaknesses were also noted. , some rethinking is taking place. This group doesn’t seem to need much adjustment.


La Real confirmed something we already knew this week, and that is that the presence of fans on each matchday at Reale has increased compared to last season, exceeding 32,000 spectators on average per game. It is clear that there is no point in thinking about the possibility of capacity expansion without the support of numbers, which determine the success or failure of a job. No one can dream of developing in this direction, year after year, without a project, a plan drawn up, with the sole purpose of continuing to move in that direction: to offer the fans a show that conforms to expectations. Because that’s what it’s all about, and recently the president remembered Jokin Aperribay, to entertain the fans who come to the blue and white stadium, and cheer them up a little when they leave the stadium. La Real opted in earlier to explore this path, and it will not give up in its efforts to keep getting better every season.

Realzale goes to the field every weekend with the aim of seeing his team win, but not by any means, but in his own style, with a private and unmistakable identity, and in this way, we will be more and more.


In just a few hours, several operations with departures and destinations in Bilbao and Donostia became official. Javi Marton Take the A-8 in the direction of Bizkaia, and Michael Goti travel in the opposite direction. Marton has reached the age of 24, while goti he turns 21. Although it appears to be just a trading card, they seem to have different purposes.


But we barely finished the first one! True, but the draw for the calendar for the next campaign will be known tomorrow, Thursday, so that we can begin to think, to assess its goodness or cruelty for us, in what is supposed to be a long, difficult, but at the same time, exciting. No time for rest.


– Back with the famous 60%-40% off Robert Olabeit can be proven that so far the relationship with the first establishment is 65% internal to 35% external.

– In this measurement we consider the output of illarramendi and the recent addition of Come on Traore.

– These numbers may vary with the arrival of new footballers, and with the relationship olasagasti, Urko and Pablo Marin.

Source: La Verdad


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