See or see: What does the captain of UD Las Palmas want?


The most charismatic player of UD Las Palmas, jonathan viera, admitted this Tuesday that he destroyed social networks, that this business subcontracted him and that he lives pending his work and family. “This has been the year I’ve had the most trouble, and I don’t know why, I really do know why, but I haven’t finished assimilating it“, he pointed out.

The captain of UD Las Palmas explained to UD Radio that the promotion of the yellow team it’s an emotional slab in this sense it is an important goal. In the 2023-24 season, he pointed out that a more beneficial style of play will be seen for the interests of the Canarian club.

In his opinion, this last stage in LaLiga Smartbank is like a test. “It’s been a year Where did I have the most trouble?and I don’t know why, I really do know why, but I can’t quite figure it out”

He explained about the source of his possible insecurities is that “what is clear to me is all of that your mind thinks and consumes, eventually the body comes to a moment that says to. The last three games I played broken”, he said. He added that “it has conditioned me a lot because when I started to feel good, with that spark, with that desire, I had to stop again and start again. I haven’t played more than 30% all year“, his sentence.

He emphasized that he “worked every day” with a private trainer and “for the last month I have been working morning, afternoon and night. Every day. This is what has to be done. It is clear to me that tI had to make an extra effortjust three more games to get what we want.”

He added that 2023 “has been a difficult year, many times I couldn’t do the things I wanted” because “it was a difficult year”. Cpon concluded that “when the referee blew his whistle the end of the fight was a release“.

As for the criticism of this season, “in the end it’s up to you” although “I always tell my family not to tell me anything. I don’t have social networks, I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch the newsI only watch cartoons with my son, football and series with my husband. Social networks bring them to me. They talk at the bar. If someone criticizes me coherently, I accept it, but to say that I am harmful to others is something I do not understand.

He indicated that “what does affect me is that whenever there is a problem, I show my face. This year, I think there have been moments that they did not stand up for me as I deservedit affected me.” “I came here with a loss that no one expected, the only one who knows is the president”.

He indicated that “I have given a lot to this club, the club has given me a lot, it is clear that I am who I am thanks to the club, but I also I have given a lot to the club. I gave a lot of money, prestige, I raised people from the stands of many, many afternoons back then, too I know soccer is aceYo”.

Source: La Verdad


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