“I hope it’s a nightmare, but it’s not 100% Monchi”


“I hope it’s a nightmare, but it’s not 100% Monchi”

the goodbye of Monchi of Sevilla, an action awaited by the explanations that had to be given by the former sports director about the reasons for his departure and the tensions that occurred in the negotiations for his departure to join Aston Villa, leaving the image of an executive that he left sorry but with a firm decision. The architect of the eleven titles he won in the 21st century and described the growth he experienced as “a nightmare”but clarified that what led to this decision was a model change of the leaders who did “That Monchi is not one hundred percent.”

“I think it’s a nightmare, that someone will come and He would pinch me and I would wake up. But it’s not like that. I said goodbye to Sevilla. But I have to explain why I’m making this decision because I have to defend my image and because otherwise I can’t face my family and the people they suffered with me. Without disrespecting anyone, I have to state the reasons and no one dares to use it attack anyone.” explained Monchi, clarifying three things: “That I don’t want to leave Seville, that I will go out of respect for Sevilla and I will not go for money”.

The man from Cádiz was very clear about his reasons, although he did not delve into the details. “If I’m not Monchi, I don’t think I can contribute what I think I can contribute. If I’m not 100% Monchi, no. Well, I can change the role… But if not me, it’s better not to. Being at 70, 60, 50%… better not. Half Monchi charging like full Monchi is not fair”.

Monchi revealed that what was discussed changed when he arrived from Roma in 2019. “I came back convinced that it was my last step, that I was going to San Fernando from here. We met and I decided to go back though He had a preliminary agreement with Arsenal for more money”, recounted. “Investigation is not a word. When I came from Rome there was one idea and now there is another. If it were not me, I would have preferred another partner to come.”

The sports manager spoke about him go to the Premier “My first idea was to go to San Fernando to rest for six months, but the conditions of departure are the same if I go elsewhere. I think this is a growing project, it may be important to take place from of the above.At Emery we did big things. I was convinced. When the rain got stronger, they brought me an umbrella. I would charge the same at Aston Villa as here. I’m not going for the money.”

“The reasons for my departure are none nothing to do with signingThis is a model issue. The club may have a different way of working. I am not in charge of Sevilla, in every department there are changes and I believe that these changes will influence my performance. I don’t want to leave, but the decision to leave is mine. There was a series of conditions that made me less useful”, he explains and luck Victor Orta. “Sevilla has very good hands. He is my friend, we have been together for 7 years. If I were to choose my replacement, I would choose him. And with Fernando Navarro by his side, and with my work team”.

“When was the time? In February when we were fighting to get out of refuse? In May when we were fighting for a title? Sevilla is still not stopping, they already have 3 signed players and the renewal of an important player. I don’t know which club this advanced to,” he clarified.

Finally, he clarified the matter of termination clause. “I’m not paying the clause anymore, Sevilla spoke to Aston Villa, that he paid more than the clause, which I am proud of. And everything that Aston Villa paid, I stopped making money”.

Source: La Verdad


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