The place where hitting is always cheap: 5 games


With the peseta goodbye, those “everything for a hundred” stores ended. Now, in terms of punishments for slaps, attacks and judo keys, it seems that “all five” have arrived. Five game suspensions are the maximum Madrid players seem to have been exposed to in the face of their vile attacks of rage. Euroleague basketball allowed the madridista for five games Guerschon Yabusele for shaking dante exum until stamping the Partizan escort on the ground.

Yesterday we learned that the judge who investigated the case of the punch of Fede Valverde to the Villarreal player Alex Baena, in the Bernabéu parking lot, also suggests a five-game suspension for the Uruguayan player. In Real Madrid they know that this is an excessive punishment and they plan to do, even if necessary, to defend their player. Certainly, to Villarreal’s fans and to himself BaenaThose five games seemed like little condemnation, after the player, with a bruised face, filed a complaint against the so-called “little bird”. Valverde in front of the National Police. On the other hand, the fact that this attack, carried out outside the field of play at night and apparently with treachery, took place on April 8 and almost three months later we are still considering the magnitude of punishment, very little is said about the Spanish. sports and legal institutions.

Meanwhile, in the NBA, sanctioned 25 games -no play and no reception Yes Morant for going out on social media with guns blazing. The penalty will cost him about 10 million dollars.

Source: La Verdad


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