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Alvaro Odriozola (Donostia, 1995) is still waiting for Real. He is doing so at the moment from the Bahamas, where he is on vacation, pending any news that may come about his future. His main goal, knowing that in Real Madrid he will not have any chance to play, is to return to Real and he hopes that in the end there will be a formula to formalize an operation that, two months before closing it does not look easy the market.

And it is that his signing does not represent a priority for the txuri urdin squad and, therefore, in Anoeta they are not ready to make a big investment in this player or to strengthen a position, the right back, alone . propped up this summer with the arrival of Come on Traore. In addition, there are two other homegrown players in the squad that will occupy that lane: gorosabel and Alone.

However, the option of Odriozola is being considered as long as it can be carried out in the best conditions for the entity. And, at the moment, it is not visible.

And Real Madrid will not put obstacles in the footballer’s departure. In fact, it has already opened doors for you. But, at least for now, it seems that he is not ready to give him a letter of freedom, especially considering that there are other powerful suitors who, at least, have taken an interest in his situation, such as Juventus , Athletic or Chelsea. . No one offered.

Juve, Athletic…competition

Odriozola has just one year left on his contract out of the six he signed. The estimated amount requested by Real Madrid reaches six million euros. Logically, Real is not ready to reach that figure, even to get close to it. But Madrid does not want to miss the opportunity to make money and recover at least a minimum part of the 32 million euros it paid for the footballer, 30 for his transfer in 2018 and two more in variables. Divided the 30 of the purchase between the six years of the contract give a result of five ‘kilo’, a little less than what they wanted to enter a priori.

This is the case, for this operation, which now seems complicated, to carry out, everything depends on finding another formula to do it. A transfer with a purchase option is not justified because the contract expires in 2024. For Madrid to keep part of his federative rights and a percentage of the capital gain from a future transfer would have more grounds, even though the footballer is 27 years old. and spent several campaigns in which his participation -except for the assignment course at Fiorentina- was relatively scarce.

Other positions to strengthen

Madrid do not want the player. The winger wants to wear txuri urdin. And the Real wants him, but under specific conditions. If it is done, it is in the advanced market, when the positions start to become more flexible.

Right now, Real have other priorities. Without rushing, but they want to strengthen the squad in strategic positions where they still believe they have spaces, despite the fact that the only ones who left the team are Illarramendi and Sorlothto try to recover.

La Real want a midfielder. And there is ready to make an investment. He will not go crazy, nor will he compromise his future, but if he brings a footballer, it will be of quality, with the ability to exchange guarantees. Mikel Merino and David Silva, something that hasn’t been fully achieved these last three seasons. Looking for a midfielder who leads the play zubimendi.

They are also evaluating a left back to strengthen one of the positions most susceptible to improvement. This means that the output of Diego Rico.

And there may be surprises: the removal of a player who has not yet appeared in the pools.

Source: La Verdad


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