School Excursion: – Watching the glacier slowly die


School Excursion: – Watching the glacier slowly die

21 students from Enns were present when the probe was placed on the ice, which will soon disappear from the roof of Upper Austria. The young people were impressed and also shocked by what is happening on the roof of Upper Austria and that their own children are unlikely to see the glacier again.

“It is not so cold!” – Benjamin is the only one of the 21 students of Enns University of Applied Sciences who dares to enter the two ice lakes under the Hallstatt glacier on the Dachstein. More than half an hour’s walk away from him: the middle tongue of the ice that is no longer eternal. About 60 years ago it was still on the lake.

In 20 years at the latest, the glacier will no longer be visible from the Simonyhütte, where the students have taken up residence, and from the ice lake. “Then there are only a few deep sinkholes with residual ice,” says meteorologist and glaciologist Klaus Reingruber of “Blue Sky”, who and his team equip the glacier with measuring probes every year to record changes in the ice.

Source: Krone


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