Aston Martin protested Austrian GP result seeking further punishment!


In Austria, with such heavy and large cars, the drivers struggled to keep their car inside the white line that obstructed the track in the last two high-speed corners. This can cause problems for many drivers, as seen in the various penalties imposed during the Grand Prix or in the many times the qualifying session was cancelled. This can be a controversial topic. And finally it is, because Aston Martin, at the end of the Austrian Grand Prix, decided to present a formal protest to the FIA ​​against the final result of the race. Race Control must show the FIA ​​the control of each driver’s deleted laps and the corresponding penalties in order to verify what happened and make a decision.

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According to the Silverstone team, there were drivers who had to be penalized for exceeding the track limits several times and the event ended without receiving the corresponding penalty. To receive a penalty for this reason, it is necessary for the pilot to exceed these limits three times, having previously received a warning with a black and white flag.

“The Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team has filed a protest against the provisional classification. The protest states that several cars were not penalized for violating article 33.3 of the Sporting Regulations. The hearing will take place at 6:30 pm”disputed the official FIA document in which he explains the reason for Aston Martin’s protest.

“Meanwhile, The Stewards, noting the presence of several deleted laps (due to exceeding track limits) brought to our attention after receiving the protest, requested Race Control to conduct a reconciliation of all laps removed with penalties applied. We noticed that Race Control managed more than 100 knocked-out laps during the race,” he argued.

Source: La Verdad


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