Cata, Salma and Eva Navarro want to repeat the ‘what’ of 2018


Cata, Salma and Eva Navarro want to repeat the ‘what’ of 2018

The Spanish team watches the weapons New Zealandwaiting for the start of the World Cup to be played this Thursday in this country and in Australia and where Spain seeks to confirm the good moment that women’s football is going through.

The team led by Jorge Vilda is already concentrating on their future headquarters during the championship, the town of Palmerston North, located 500 kilometers south of Auckland. Red training sessions will take place at Massey University facilities.

Three of the 23 internationals summoned by Jorge Vilda daydream with the possibility that Bring it back to life the sensations they were lucky enough to experience five years ago today. In particular, in 2018, when the world champions, at that time in the category under 17defeated Mexico 2-1 in the final of the tournament, played in Uruguay, (12/1/2018, both goals signed by Claudia Pina.

Cata Coll, Salma Paralluelo and Eva Navarro They were in the World Cup, in that final and, all three, in the starting eleven. The three recalled, for the Federation’s official media, that victory, some of them with tattoos on their skin symbolizing that term (‘nephelibata‘) which means ‘dreamer’, a word with which they fully identify and with which they cling on the threshold of their debut in a full World Cup.

The experience

Tasting Coll he remembers that “at the World Cup we were a very strong, indestructible group, and that motivated us to win what we won”. Eva Navarro emphasized that “we are the first team to win a title and as a result of that success other lesser teams are also accumulating victories”.

For Salma, that experience was extraordinary, unique: “When I met them they were like older sisters, I was almost 14 years old (she was born on November 13, 2003). And to go through all this together, to go through some bumps, to be here with them now is so beautiful”.

Cata also emphasizes that “we are all united. And knowing that you always have support, that you know each other from a very young age, is very important”. “In Uruguay we had a goal and we achieved it. But this world is like that, it does not stop, now we are looking for another, and then another…”, Salma explained about how she faced the challenge of Australia / New Zealand 2023. “We think about working every day, to reach the best level and in the best conditions,” he said. Eva Navarro.

“It’s what players want the most, everyone wants to experience something like that. Our generation and the ones to come have ambition and I am convinced of that we can achieve great thingsthat we can achieve it ”, summarizes Cata Coll.

Source: La Verdad


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