The pearls where Real Madrid plan to cash in this summer


The ‘no promotion’ of Castileadded over time, making the real Madrid He now finds himself with an ‘offspring’ of players who are already done and ready for the first level where he can’t make a hole in the first level and for that reason he has to sell them. Although through different formulas, the white team will win and here are some where to do it.


Sergio Arribas

Midfield player

It is the most important and valuable asset of the subsidiary. The white team will ask for 10 million euros for 50% of their pass but that in Spain hardly any team can afford. Assignment may be the best option.

Eldense - Castilla, live: Rafa Marín opens the scoring |  Playoff for promotion to Segunda


Rafael Marin

Central defense

After gaining the interest of several teams in the First Division, in Europe it is also known that they are following him and there they have the muscle to secure his transfer.

Marvin Park in the Gran Canaria match against Burgos


Marvin Park


After a year on loan at Las Palmas, the player was interested in Rayo Vallecano, where Real Madrid demanded two million euros for 50% of the player’s pass, a formula very similar to that of Fran García.



Carlos Doctor

Midfield player

He has an agreement signed with Celta for three million euros for half of his rights. After having several offers on the table, the Castilla captain decided on one from the Vigo team.

The right side of Juvenil A from the quarry of merengue, Alex Jiménez, has renewed until 2025


Alex Jimenez


His exit to Milan, which is already effective, is by transfer but Lombard’s team has a purchase option in which, yes, Real Madrid has an advantage over the Italians.

Source: La Verdad


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