Jon Rahm: “I’m proud of my best performance in an Open”


“It’s a little late. I played nine under par this weekend, I threw very good putts but they didn’t want to go in, but I went one, under par and second, it’s a great week”, is the first reflection of a wet. Jon Rahm in the mixed zone and forced to shower after his performance at Royal Liverpool.

“The chances I had were many but not close, in the first holes they were six, seven, eight meters. Puttables, but not all of them go in, today is a day that I have to put a couple of putts at the beginning to put me -8 or -9 and the thing is still changing, but in a difficult day to do under par at the end is very good”, appreciated the Basque.

Rahm was full of praise for the champion, Brian Harman. “Someone asked me and I said, Harman goes… and I told him, look at the times he’s been there, he’s finished them and he’s a guy who has a great short game and plays very well. He’s got the energy to compete, that Patrick Reed-esque extra. It’s not going to be special from tee to green but around the green you can tell the difference and here’s his last two days he’s shown it on 2 pars. It’s been a lot about how he’s played. It’s been an incredible week, I don’t know what else to say. The closest we’ve gotten is three shots…I’m very impressed with what he’s done.”

He did not give importance to the fact that this was his 13th top ten in 29 Grand Slams. “You (the journalists) know these things because it’s not important to me. I don’t look at it, maybe in ten or fifteen years they will be more important to me than they are important to me now. Now the important thing is to try to win and as I started the week it was a great finale, a great tournament, you don’t always win, and I feel proud of my best performance in an Open,” said Jon.

He admitted he was aware of the situation when on the 6th hole he put himself three shots back from Harman. “Yes, of course, obviously. It’s not a question of you winning, but of giving yourself a couple more options. It was difficult then, in the rain with the wind, which stopped, came and went, it was difficult to hit depending on what the shot was and let it be close”.

Regarding the sensations recovered after a good start to the year, the man from Barrika explained that “the poor play last month was more related to fatigue than anything else, those three weeks off were incredible for me and it shows on the pitch. I don’t want to make excuses but won, with that stress after Augusta, I didn’t recover and I felt it physically”.

Now he will take two weeks off and face the FedEx Cup playoffs, which he leads. “This year we are a bit limited in what we want to do and I wanted to play, hopefully next year I will have a bit more flexibility,” he added.

Finally, he said he thought trying to finish second alone “is better than a tied second. You don’t always win but in the end you can always do better for yourself, which is ultimately what we do.”

Source: La Verdad


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