LaLiga is stepping up its measures against racism this 2023-2024 season


LaLiga announced this morning the steps it intends to take this season to try to eradicate one of the most unpleasant chapters of the previous one, such as the various chapters of racism that took place in some fields of the Spanish league.

To do this, it intends to carry out a series of measures that maintain this anti-racism message every day, with three main and fundamental actions. On the one hand is Fixed signage in stadiums: Posters will be placed on all pitches, adapted to each of the clubs, to remind fans that ending racism is everyone’s business and that they are an important element in achieving it.

Second, there will be stickers on complaint seats to promote a safe environment and allow fans to actively contribute to the fight against racism. And finally, there are captain’s armbands personalized for every club that reads LALIGA VS Racism. These armbands will appeal to the captains on the field, but also to those in the stands, to the fans. 126,000 units will be distributed in the stadiums of the teams playing at home in the first days, inviting fans to become team captains against hate and racism, protecting their stadium for the first time.

In addition, for tomorrow’s match between Athletic Club and Real Madrid, there will be a canvas on which to launch an awareness message against hatred and intolerance.. The aim is that both the fans of the stadium and the millions of fans who watch LALIGA around the world will be aware of the importance of fighting together against this social scourge.

In all these actions are added creating a platform dedicated to work for the eradication of racism in the field of football aiming to continue the work of education, prevention and action, to prevent violent and hateful behavior and attitudes at all levels. This platform ( will bring together all the actions promoted against violence and intolerance and will help strengthen the institutional force in its fight against racism, creating a space where share projects and resources, make initiatives visible and join forces for this common goal.

The platform will be a space where everyone will be invited to participate: clubs, fans, institutions and ultimately all those who want to join this goal of zero tolerance for racism.

It will denounce any action before various competent bodies

In addition, employers maintain forceful action on the staff of party directors, the people responsible for discovering these violent acts in various fights. Among the tools of its work are the sounds captured by microphones arranged in the various stands, which have already increased last season, and aim to detect possible racist insults or violent comments by some fans.

In addition, the League, through the departments of Legal and Integrity and Security, will continue to denounce strongly before the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport, as well as the Competition Committee of the RFEF any type of violence that occurred. in and out of professional football stadiums, as it has been doing for some time. It will also be denounced and appear as an indictment in any criminal proceedings related to violent acts that occurred on the football field. In addition, LALIGA formally requested a few months ago to proceed with the amendment of the Law against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport and the New Law on Sports, to have powers on the subject.

Source: La Verdad


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