Isco: “I have family and psychological help”


Isco Alarcón, as happened at Villarreal, is again the MVP of the match played by It’s really Bettyyes, this Sunday before the Athletic. The man from Malaga signed an extraordinary 98% pass success rate (he gave 61), he successfully completed the 7 long passes he gave, 2 of them were key and he was sent off by the Betic fans with a loud who was applauded when he was replaced by Rodri in the late game.

“I am feeling well. I am very happy to arrive at a club like the Real Betis and more than the welcome given to me by the coach and everyone at the club, which was very good”, said Isco after the clash. “I’m better than I expected, I haven’t competed for a long time, but I feel good. In the game I still have strength and legs, but the coach takes care of me. Hope we enjoy and have a great season. I really want to help”, commented the Honey Creek.

isco He has not played an official football match for nine months -since mid-November- and he surprised even strangers with the good performance he offered in these first games with Legs: “I had difficult moments. In the end I decided to stop for a while because I needed it, not only physically, but to recycle myself mentally. I had family and psychological help. The mental health is very important and we should give it its place. I went through difficult moments because of everything that happened. These are the things I have already mentioned, like the way the Germany. Later I had some offers, but I wasn’t ready. Now I have recycled myself and I am mentally strong. In the end it’s football, it’s my place and I’m happy to be back”, explained Isco.

Within Legs is looking for his place: “I am not surprised by what Betis is because I see the players, the atmosphere there and how many players are waiting to return. Joaquin and ceballos They spoke to me well about the team, something they have done as well Ramon (Plan) and the mister. I am thankful for everything that has happened because it has brought me here. There is a great atmosphere here, both in the stands and in the dressing room,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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