Ancelotti ‘exploded’ on the bench with the penalty


Ancelotti ‘exploded’ on the bench with the penalty

Carlo Ancelotti He admitted after the match that Real Madrid won in Vigo that he was angry with his players. The reason? before Rodrygo and not Modric is the one who will take the penalty pointed out by the referee about the Brazilian player. The Italian coach gave orders that Modric be the one to take the maximum penalty, but in the end, Rodrygo did it and Iván Villar stopped it.

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ancelotti He clearly showed his anger when Rodrygo missed the penalty. The Italian coach violently threw the pack of gum he used for matches on the ground. as he turned back for that launch that Modric should have taken. That’s what worries the Italian coach the most and he showed it on the bench and later in the press room.

Source: La Verdad


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