The Gran Premi de Catalunya will remain on the MotoGP calendar in 2024


The Gran Premi de Catalunya will remain on the MotoGP calendar in 2024

The penultimate act of protocol before the start of the Gran Premi de Catalunya de Motociclismo It took place this afternoon at the Born Center for Culture and Memory in Barcelona with the official presentation of the Grand Prize, the twelfth of the season, which will be held on unusual dates, at the beginning of September. MotoGP is represented by two pairs of Catalan brothers from the star grid, the Márquez, Marc and Àlex, and the asparagusAleix and Pol, with the Moto2 rider Albert Arenas and the Moto3 rider Xavi Artigas and all have a common desire to enjoy their careers at home.

They didn’t miss it either Carmelo EzpeletaCEO of Dorna, who arrived with the new commercial general manager Dan Rossomondo, and it is almost confirmed that in 2024 the Catalan GP will continue,​​​​ “We want them to do five years”, He confirmed after noting that the Circuit de Catalunya, of which he is one of the founding fathers, “in the work being done is the best circuit in the world among permanents”.

The organization feared that this change in dates, partly prompted by the delay of the Spanish F1 Grand Prix from mid-May to early June, could affect attendance, but according to the general director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Joseph Lluis Santamaria, “the change of date did not influence the decrease in attendance”,

“The fans responded very well and we didn’t notice it. We were higher in numbers than last year (60,068 in the Sunday race for 111,574 at the weekend). It was a public that woke up at the last moment, so the hope is good, we will have enough public. It will reach 90,000 of other times we will not be there. We are seeing a change in trend before the pelousse sold out before and now it is more seats and that shows that the public is bigger and we have to work with the public younger”, explained Santamaría.

Source: La Verdad


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