The world champions subscribe to MLS to see Messi


Leo Messi You are now in Selection mode. He arrived in Ezeiza in the morning, in the afternoon he trained at the AFA complex and this Thursday he will be the starter and captain in the first step of Argentina towards the 2026 World Cup. This will be the first South American Qualifying game he will play as world champion. The King, in the end, has that crown for as long as it deserves. It will be necessary to see if it reaches that competition in a tripartite headquarters, shared by Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Meanwhile, his colleagues are happy for him and want him to be happy. This is logical: this is the best way to have genius in them for a long time. And in this situation, strange words and situations are discovered.

After the first training with the whole squad thinking about the first day of the Qualifiers that they will play on Thursday against Ecuador at the Monumental, some football players from the albiceleste played questions and answers with the press. And there, of course, Messi is the subject.

So, the defender of Betis, Germán Pezzella, did not doubt: “I hope Leo will play 20 more years in the National Team. Then, it will be his decision. Things happen to everyone in his life . He will know how long to go on and how long not. If I have to tell him something, I will sit down to drink with him and tell him: ‘please, I went on for many more years'”.

Pezzella stretched his analysis: “We see him enjoying himself here for a long time. What makes us happiest is knowing that he is happy, that he enjoys it. We see him do impressive things. And we see that he is enjoying a lot at his new club.” There the Betis center-back confessed laughing: “I had to get the MLS subscription because I didn’t have it.”

In the same sense, Enzo Fernández, now a star at Chelsea, is pure admiration for Messi’s 11 goals and 5 in 11 games that he has accumulated at Inter Miami: “He doesn’t stop. He’s an animal. Nothing surprises him “We enjoy everything he generates. I’m very happy for him, for what he’s experiencing now. He moved to another club, to another city. He seems happy, enjoying his family. The most important thing is that Leo is happy”.

Claudio Tapia also gave a very good testimony about Messi in recent times: “I can imagine him playing in the 2026 World Cup. the conditions that exist, you can play it quietly”. And he went a little further: “I see him playing in the World Cup in the position he wants to play. He can really do it. It depends on what he wants. That’s my dream too.”

The president of the AFA pointed out: “I am lucky to be able to have the relationship that I have with him. It is a relationship of affection. We share and talk about what we see in the future. That’s how I do it with several boys. It’s not just commercial. We share things because we feel it, it’s not forced. If Leo gives you the house it’s for something. I feel really proud and blessed to have this relationship with him.”

Source: La Verdad


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