This is Rafa Nadal’s advice to Carlos Alcaraz


Rafa Nadal, 37 years old, has started working with the goal of returning to tennis in 2024. In November he will make a final decision on how to deal with the next season. He will evaluate whether he is in a position to face an ambitious tour with the possibility of winning titles or perhaps he will have to settle for a schedule chosen with no other purpose than to say goodbye.

With Manacorí injured since January, 20-year-old Carlos Alcaraz has taken over Spanish tennis at the big events. The Murcian, who became the 2021 US Open champion, won Wimbledon this season, knocking out Novak Djokovic.

A match that Nadal saw, as he told the Rafa Nadal Special on Movistar Plus+. He also missed Novak Djokovic’s US Open final against Daniil Medvedev, beating Carlos Alcaraz in the semis.

Nadal carefully assessed the El Palmar tennis player’s figure. “We don’t rush into judgments about him. He has a brutal projection. He has the power, the ambition, but many things can happen in races.”

As for what advice he would give Alcaraz, the baller admitted that “it’s hard to advise him. I’m very bad at that, because I learn more from examples than words. But if I have to tell him something, I will I just tell him to keep improving. At least, I have the hope of doing it, which is what keeps you motivated. I train because I want to improve. That’s what has always kept me excited,” he stressed.

Source: La Verdad


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