Michel saw his team’s “best football” since he was at Girona


Girona coach, Míchel Sánchez, He said that in the first half of the match they won 2-4 against the pomegranate He saw “his team’s best football” since he took over, although he was not satisfied with his team’s second half.

“When we give our maximum performance we can compete with anyone and if we lower our mentality a little bit we are outmatched by the opponent. These are three very important points with a good first half and a second half where we made quite a few mistakes,” Míchel commented after the game in a press conference.

“In the first half we played the best football I’ve seen in Girona since I’ve been here. We created many scoring situations. People deserve to be happy, happy, to have euphoria, but we have to continue to improve and work,” he added.

Regarding the second half, the coach indicated that “Granada always creates scoring situations and you cannot be neglected for a moment. We can’t play the score, we have to play one hundred percent. “When you play over time, it fights against you,” he said.

Míchel clarified that “statistics are not that important” and they need to focus on “future goals”. The first is to be in the First Division for three consecutive years. Now it is unreasonable to think about other things. We need a lot of humility, a lot of work and a very good mentality,” he added.

“I am very happy with the day to day life, which is what marks my feelings. We can win or lose, but we are a team that is going to compete,” concluded the Girona coach.

Source: La Verdad


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