“Sergio Ramos is a leader at 18 and he will die as one”


The coach of Seville, Jose Luis Mendilibarhas made sure he sees his team ready for their Champions League debut against Lensa clash that comes after the first victory of the season against UD Las Palmasa result that calmed spirits somewhat after a bad start to the league.

The Basque coach also acknowledged that for him this means his debut in the top continental competition, just as last season he made his debut in Europe and ended up winning the Europa League. However, for Mendilibar It is a challenge but not to silence the mouths. “I want to have a good competition, for the club, for me of course, for the fans, for everyone. I want to finish in the top two of this group and make the playoffs. It’s something new for me and if we pass the group we will start to think about other things, but not to keep our mouth shut, but for us, for us who are here every day,” he said.

This is an important match in a group where the Lens It rivals pot 4, in theory, the most affordable. “It is always important to start by winning any competition, especially one as short as this one, with six games. We are playing at home and we have to have a small advantage,” he said.

The leadership of Sergio Ramos

Mendilibar addresses the issue of ownership of Sergio Ramos last Sunday against other players, such as Soumare, which fans have been waiting for. “Of course Sergio is a leader, he has been a leader everywhere. And here too he became a leader at the age of 18. A leader is not made, he is usually born, and he will die as such. “The normal thing is that in moments of high competition and difficult times he can help us, but also on the pitch and on the bench.”

And what do you want to say to him in changing the chip? “I mean what I said, if you don’t understand it… We have a style of play and not Sergio, but the new ones coming. If they don’t play, that’s also why, because first they have to do what we ask of them. Football “It’s universal, but everyone has their own style. The players understand it, and what we want to ask them.”

About Soumare, was also very clear in his response. “People come from different leagues, from different countries, they have to get used to the way of life, the style of play, a little bit of everything. Sergio has played because he has been in this competition for twenty seasons and Soumaré wasn’t there. And it didn’t just happen to him. Sow played in the third game because he was here, I think. It’s normal.”

Source: La Verdad


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