The City champions did not disappoint despite the threat against Red Star


He red starEuropean champion, responded to Pep Guardiola’s Manchester Citywho are defending this Champions League title, and were ahead on Tuesday at the Etihad Stadium, but in the end the ‘citizens’, winners of a historic treble in 2023-24, imposed their law, turned the match around and won the 3 -1 in the 1st round of the league in group G. The city he rules it equally with him Leipzig (1-3 to Boys).

He completely ruled the city that the first half, with the goalkeeper of Red Star, Omri Glazer, of a hero in his pauses. Erling Haaland He hit a ball against the post. The truth is that, despite the fact that those Guardiola They chained attack after attack, never letting up red starthey did not score in the said first period.

On the other hand, it was the Belgrade team that advanced thanks to a goal from Osman Bukari in first-half stoppage time, in the 46th minute. The referee turned to VAR to determine if tomorrow, who scored by finishing a counterattack, is in a regular position and, after consultation, the goal goes up on the scoreboard.

A leaky ball Mirko Ivanic The Ghanaian took advantage of this to make it 0-1. Big surprise at the Etihad at the start of the league.

But red star His dream didn’t last long as both teams took the field again. And at 47′ Julian Alvarez (protagonist of a great fight) leveled the score helped by Haaland in a great move by the ‘citizens’. Rodri served for the Argentine world champion, he sent Haalandwho returned the ball to Julian Alvarez.

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He red star was the victim of a sickening storm city and above it his goal, the Israeli Omri Glazer, stellar in the first half, failed miserably with a free kick from Julián Álvarez himself. It’s 2-1. At 60′.

He still has many opportunities city, but he cannot take advantage of them. Except one: that in the great purpose of Rodri, with the Spanish international playing well with his run and finish in the 73rd minute. The Madrid midfielder is imperial. The European champion experienced a few minutes of uncertainty, in addition Haaland He didn’t score, but Guardiola’s team left no room for surprise.

Source: La Verdad


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