UEFA establishes minimum requirements for all European teams


UEFA has only communicated through a circular the minimum standards for full European Women’s National Teams.

Rules made on the basis of research and consultation with UEFA member federations, as well as the needs conveyed by the captains of the national teams and the European union FIFpro. Through this process, European football’s highest body concluded that there are different levels of development and significant differences in the provisions offered to women’s national team players between countries.

As a result of all this, UEFA strives to ensure that the same minimum standards are accessible to all players in each of the 55 senior national sections of UEFA’s dependent federations. Different local and national contexts are taken into account at the same time. The main objective is to improve the professionalism of the national football team by addressing key areas, such as sports and technical provisions, as well as promoting good governance through incentive funding.

More protection and transparency in relationships with players

UEFA, as it clarified in the same writing, aims to provide the best conditions for players to perform at the highest level when representing their country, providing the best care and environment to players on duty in their national teams. In addition to protecting both national associations and players through greater transparency and good governance, raising the sporting level of all national women’s teams as well as creating a platform to share best practices and transfer knowledge.

A key trainer and medical staff is an essential requirement

For this reason, UEFA will raise an annual incentive of up to 100,000 euros assigned to each federation to meet the requirements. Of this total, up to 70,000 euros are available for the application of sporting and technical provisions, and up to 30,000 euros for the application of good governance provisions. In return, all teams must meet these minimum requirements, which include having a head coach, competition environments; training facilities and environment and medical personnel and health services.

Within good governance, each team must have cooperation agreements between the national association and the national team players; player welfare policies; promotion and defense

UEFA is committed to working with national associations, providing guidance and assistance to ensure that all requirements are met.

Source: La Verdad


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