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They don’t seem to be bombing Ukraine anymore. They all go to Gaza, Palestine or Israel. This is the fate of instant information. Either you’re on cover or you’re gone. The one on the cover this week, perhaps preparing the Assembly of Committers next Saturday, is the economic vice president of the club. Eduard Romeu. Extensive interviews in this newspaper and also in the program ‘Esport3’, which apparently will broadcast the Assembly live, giving an account in great detail of everything they did to continue in this difficult situation.

It should be noted that the economic problems of Barça do not come from the management of the current board, but I dare to say that they start after Núñez and for 20 years we have been living in a continuous economic collapse in which over-buying of rights has prevailed –Coutinho, Dembele, Griezmann– with a lack of economic control. Furthermore, the salaries of the majority of football players in our club have suffered a disproportionate increase that at one point was impossible to assume. Furthermore, historically, Barça is a buying club and not a selling one. There are some good operations in terms of depositing money, unless they are for the payment of a clause, as was the case in your case. fig and what of Neymar.

Romeo He tried to justify everything they had to do to keep us afloat and especially with a pursed lip he suggested they used financial engineering, which is a fancy way of saying they have to cover up the numbers so they don’t ‘ t smell. We should be thankful for these details which explain and it is a shame that the next Assembly cannot be held in person. This created some debate and I suspect that this decision was given by a vote that the board lost two years ago in reference to an issue of the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs. Maybe there Reporter He decided that he would not lose any more votes. And on the Internet it is guaranteed, even if the Assembly loses almost all of its reason for being.

Another important thing he said Romeo is that Barça’s current debt is 1,200 million. If you add the amount that leaves the Camp Nou and the sports grounds – 2,000 more – we are over 3,000. It is impossible to recover. You need to continue swimming with the levers and throw the ball forward. And maybe one day someone will pick it up. Meanwhile, we have to survive and sign free players. This is what is needed. Difficult solution to this problem.


I am very happy with the news Ruby go to play a Copa del Rey tie. I suddenly remembered the 60s, when I was enrolled in this Vallès club for a year. I don’t remember if we were in Tercera or Regional, but I remember that we trained three days a week, that we took the train to Sarrià station at 4:00 pm and after training in the field, located between main road and the river, surrounded by trees, went home late but happy. I think AlbertCan Ferran’s friend, the favorite restaurant of Joaquim, Xavi Hernandez and family, very happy for this classification. He is a Rubí fan and every time I go there we discuss the issue, even with the president of the local club. Albert, I will go to the restaurant to celebrate the truth. Worth.

Source: La Verdad


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