France subscribed to the train


France is committed to Maintenance. The president of Federation gala, Philippe Diallo, announced this Thursday all selections of the country, including the leadership Didier Deschamps will do by train all journeys that can be covered by train less than three hours.

A little over a year ago, PSG, with his coach at the time Christophe Galter At the top, he was the star of a bitter controversy when the media reported that his stars were traveling by plane, no matter how short the journey. Galtier mentioned at the time the ‘sailing vessels’ as a means to be used by his men on future occasions. An outburst that forced him to apologize a few days later.

This Thursday, Diallo announced the “systematization of train transport for trips less than three hours. All our choices will be made, so it is It also includes the absolute team“, is underlined.

The first to implement this decision is the women’s group (they will travel to Valenciennes from Paris) and the under 21to do the same to Nancy, both by train.

Source: La Verdad


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