F1 GP Spain: Ferrari starts to take the lead in Barcelona; Alonso, good start


the grandstand of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is full of fans to watch the beginning of Spanish F1 GPthat most of the public is waiting to see Carlos Sainz at the top, fighting from the start for what could be his first victory in F1. Ferrari came with the first-ever great evolution package, while Red Bull in Barcelona showed a significant weight improvement suggested by rumors of up to 7 kilograms, an outrage. The question remains, then, of knowing how things are between the two great teams in this championship. The unknown won’t be resolved until Saturday’s classification, but for now, the start couldn’t have been better for the Maranello team, with their two cars leading the classification, with charles leclerc in the first position leaving only 79 thousandths in Carlos Sainz in the second square 0 “336 to Max Verstappen.

There is still a lot of fabric to be cut. This is just the first session of a major weekend before the next appointments, where Ferrari and red bull They had to start evaluating their new parts, their performance, as well as managing the tires on a track with excessive heat and find the right set up to reduce bounce on the straight. In other words, it all tells us that both the Italians and the ones from Milton Keynes and the other sets still have more potential saved. Ferrari started faster, but it meant nothing. Until the actual fire, no one knew if Max was really behind.

With this result, the local public has started to vibrate with a Carlos Sainz who needs to try this new package, confirm if it really favors his driving style and continue finding his way to the last ten confidence lacks. him in this car at the beginning of this course. Carlos wants to succeed before his people and he has a good start. It is there and it wants to continue to be there. It was just the beginning of what he wanted to be the best weekend of his life.

Alonso starts in fifth

It’s also a good start for Fernando Alonsowho achieved the fifth fastest time in Free Practice 1 between the two Mercedeswith the Russell was fourthagain exceeds Hamilton (6th). Alpine It was one of the teams that brought the least things to Barcelona. Aston-Martin For example, he took an almost new car. But the French have already warned that it should not affect them. They have taken a new place in recent races and want to get back in the fight for points this weekend.

So far, Fernando Alonso He started in fifth place on his fastest lap, working for part of the session on the ability to analyze and find answers to major tire damage in the first few races. The Spaniard has already said that in Miami, which has a lot of heat and others are also destructive, this variable has not affected them much. I had to confirm Barcelonaand to that end he will continue working on FP2 this afternoon.

Alonso, investigated

The biggest concern for Alonso sa FP1 is that the commissioners have opened an investigation for disturbing lewis hamilton on a lap attempt at the end of the track. The Englishman had to put a wheel in the gravel to prevent sticking.

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It was also announced that an action by Verstappen had been taken, for disturbing another driver.

De Vries debuts beating Latifi

On the other hand, novelties need to be highlighted in this session of vipsinside the car Perezthe Formula champion e Nyck DeVrieswithin Williams from Albon and the polish Robert Kubica. It caught my attention DeVriesin his first official F1 session, he skipped a Latifi who deserve less to continue in F1. Kubica was 13th, also defeated a boots that he did not have a good time, though it must have been more circumstantial.

Source: La Verdad


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