The ‘morbid’ of the last four races of the F1 World Championship is this


There are four races left until the end of the 2023 season Formula 1 World Cup. The Drivers’ and Constructors’ world titles have been decided, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t incentives. In the last four campaign dates there are still important battles to fightwith all things to be decided, and some doubts to be removed for the future.


The fight for the second position


One of the main attractions of this season finale is the battle for the second position. ‘Checo’ Pérez has suffered a huge drop in performance since his great start to the season and Hamilton experienced the complete opposite, taking full advantage of the massive improvement in his Mercedes.
In the evolutions shown in Austin, despite the fact that Hamilton was disqualified for not complying with the regulation thickness of the wood of his flat bottom, the Englishman must remain positive: his car took a big step forward and can go to for. second place.
Without the disqualification, he would have been 19 points behind Pérez. Now, he will face the last 4 races 39 points behind ‘Checo’.



The future of ‘Checo’ Pérez

Certainly linked to that fight for second position is one of the big themes of this end of the year: the future of ‘Checo’ Pérez. Christian Horner, head of Red Bull, reiterated that the goal of ‘Checo’ should be to finish second in the World Cup to complete the double never before achieved by Red Bull.

However, after Qatar also said that ‘Checo’ needs to improve and raise his level, because if the championship is more in the coming years, they will need the points from their second car. So, even achieving runner-up status could not be beneficial to ‘Checo’. You will also need to improve your performance.



Alonso, Sainz, Norris and Leclerc, for one place

The battle for second and third place seems to be in between Hamilton and Pérez, although Alonso is 14 points behind Lewis. The Englishman has an improved car with better performance, aiming to be the second best car in recent races with McLaren.

Alonso will have to focus on the fight for fourth place in the World Cup. It will be difficult for him to maintain this position. Alonso has 183 points, with Sainz on 12, Norris on 24, Leclerc on 32 and Russell on 40. There are 4 races left, and to see the true performance of Aston Martin when it makes the most of its new features shown in Austin in these final events, McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari must have better cars.

Lando Norris, whose McLaren will be a contender for the podium in all races, should have a great chance of regaining the 24 points Alonso took from him. But it should be consistent. more Sainz was close behind with a slightly more erratic Ferrari. Good fight for fourth place.



Various battles with Constructors

In Builders there are some exciting battles. Mercedes, with 344 points, have Ferrari just 22 points behind, although those from Brackley start as favorites in the battle with the more solid car in these final races.
In its part, McLaren is fourth with 242 points and Aston Martin is 5th, just 6 points behind those in orange. McLaren has the better car for the end of the year and those in green will struggle in that fight. For the Silverstone team to have a fighting chance, Stroll needs to perform at a good level like in Austin and the car needs to take a big step forward with the evolutions shown in Austin.




After the step forward made by Mercedes Among the improvements in Austin, one of the main attractions of this end of the course is the ver if the star team can overtake Red Bull and worry Verstappen in a race.

If achieved, That is his best message of strength and for 2024 and a possible warning for fans to dream of a more equal World Cup and a new Hamilton-Verstappen next year. It’s hard for that to happen, but Mercedes continues to grow.



The car of 2024 and a green reaction

Everything tested at this end of the course can be applied to the car. 2024. All the teams are committed to building the car for next year and the trend in which the sets go can be an indication for the start of the next season.

In that sense, seeing a reaction from Aston Martin after the new package presented in Austin and the possible improvements that could lead to Mexico This can be the key to preparing for next year. Aston Martin He needs to correct his course in these late dates and end a positive trend.

Source: La Verdad


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