The networks were on fire against Garnacho for his ugly trick so Copenhagen missed the penalty in the 94th minute


Where is the limit of what is considered mischief and what is considered Fair-Play in football? If that is so, Alejandro Garnacho put the question to the test this Tuesday after a trick of his spread through the networks so that the Copenhagen He missed his penalty in the 94th minute.

He Manchester United He needed success like food to stay alive in the Champions League and when he had it in his pocket, like in a horror movie, he feared the worst. Scott McTominay He converted a penalty in stoppage time and only a miracle would save the Red Devils from yet another mockery of Europe.

Sometimes miracles, however, need help. While the players of United They argued with the sa Copenhagen and the referee whether it is a penalty or not, Alejandro Garnacho He dedicated himself to destroying the penalty spot with his stomps and kicks to hurt the taker, Larsson. In the end, it somehow succeeded. The Dane shoots between the sticks, but Onana hits the direction of the shot and avoids the tie.

Source: La Verdad


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