Lyon takes the champions of Barcelona


Lyon takes the champions of Barcelona

The culé team was unable to hold onto the title and fell 1-3 in the final played in Turin

Futbol Club Barcelona could not keep the title of the Champions League for women. The team led by Jonatan Giráldez lost 1-3 in the final played in Turin against Olympique de Lyon after a first half in which the French were superior and achieved a difference of three goals thanks to goals from Henry, Hegerberg and Macario. Alexia Putellas’ goal before half-time was not enough to revive some of the Catalans who paid dearly for the poor start to the game.

An ordeal. That was the first part that Barcelona played in the final at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. Jonatan Giráldez arranged a game script in which possession would give his players control of the game, but he didn’t count on the punch of a Lyon with enough weapons to overcome difficulties. The French started with an advanced push that prevented the culé from coming out from behind and the fruit came at the first change with a stolen ball from Henry that they had to turn into a work of art themselves. The France international fired a rocket at the unappealing side from over 100 yards in front of Sandra Paños, falling to the ground for a Barca that was just six minutes behind the scoreboard.

The bad time for Barca had only just begun and Lyon would be in charge of reminding them again and again. Henry’s goal froze the Catalan players and drove the 15,000 fans out of Barcelona. That goal was the starting point for a team, the French, who grew after each Blaugrana inaccuracy and soon dealt a second blow with a Bacha side cross that would go on to culminate Ada Hegerberg with a move and shot of ‘9’ for life. .

Paños, Torrejón (Crnogorcevic, min. 59), Paredes, Mapi León, Rolfo (Pina, min. 76), Aitana, Guijarro, Alexia, Hansen, Hermoso (Oshoala, min. 46) and Mariona (Martens, min. 59)

Endler, Carpenter (Buchanan, min. 14), Renard, Mbock (Cayman, min. 81), Bacha, Horan, Henry, Macario, Cascarino (Morroni, min. 81), Hegerberg and Malard (Le Sommer, min. 72) .

Lyon’s dominance was total. They played what the galas wanted. Macario, Henry and Horan dominated midfield, short-circuiting Barca’s creativity and having the physical strength to reach both areas. With this scenario and the lack of Barca reaction, the third goal was only a matter of time and it came when Macario picked up a loose ball in the area that made the mountain Barca had to climb even steeper if they wanted to repeat the European title. It was there, worst-case scenario, when Alexia Putellas turned on the lights on the edge of the break to catch a volley from Hansen from the right-handed profile and restore hopes of a comeback.

After the restart, Barça were the great team it has been all season. Going through the locker rooms felt good for a team that had higher ranks, installed the fullbacks in the opposing field and started circulating the ball with more speed. Giráldez understood that it was time to shake the shaker and bring Oshoala, Crnogorcevic and Martens to their feet, three changes that gave a new atmosphere to the confrontation and prepared the Catalans for a final siege that would eventually become sterile. Patri Guijarro, with a shot from the center of the field that hit the crossbar, and Crnogorcevic with a cross that went near the post, could change history, but it was not the day of the azulgrana. The ball didn’t go in and Lyon used their experience in the final minutes so that little happened and they won their eighth Champions League.

Source: La Verdad


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