Caja Rural denounced to the Guardia Civil a “partial” and “biased” dissemination of some doping documents at La Vuelta


Caja Rural denounced to the Guardia Civil a “partial” and “biased” dissemination of some doping documents at La Vuelta

The team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA wanted to take a step forward regarding the events that occurred in the last edition of Lap. A series of documents have recently been circulated within the framework of Operation Ilex by the Civil Guard against doping with which the Navarrese team is related Caja Rural-Seguros RGAand where it is said that some of its cyclists have contacted the doctor Marcos Maynarprofessor of University of Extremadura who was already arrested in May 2022 at Caceres After Civil Guard will register Physiology Laboratory where he works Faculty of Sports Sciences.

Involved in several doping investigations, Maynar was accused of a crime against public health and illegal drug trafficking, although in January he defended his innocence in court for the alleged doping plot.

In the same year, within Operation Ilex by the Civil Guard is being investigated former cycling director Vicente Belda and his son and the Colombian cyclist was investigated Miguel Ángel ‘Supermán’ Lópezwhich will eventually be temporarily suspended this past July for the use and possession of a prohibited substance in el Giro d’Italia 2022although he reiterated days later that he never did dope.

Today, the Caja Rural team wants to come forward and announced that it filed a complaint with the Civil Guard for what happened within the framework of the 2023 Vuelta, where “the team became the victim of a partial, biased and decontextualized dissemination of a report of the police contained in a judicial file”, “which information appears to refer to a small part of a judicial procedure for the investigation of possible crimes against public health and sport in which the team or any of its members”, specifying that “this dissemination is protected by anonymity with the sole purpose of harming the team and its components” and that “it was sent by email and by mail to person directly linked to professional cycling with the intention of damaging its reputation Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team”.

“Considering all of the above,” the statement continued, “the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team have informed the Civil Guard of these facts through a corresponding complaint in case they constitute a crime. Since the complainant does not know the person or persons responsible for the facts, the complaint is not directed against a specific person, and this is clearly reflected in the complaint.”

And concluded, “in any case, and without prejudice to the above, the group clearly reserves any action that may correspond to it against the person or persons responsible for the malicious and partial dissemination of the reference report in order to maintain the good name, image and any kind of rights that may be violated.

In the last edition of the Vuelta, andThe Caja Rural team finished 16th in the classification of teams of 22 participants and although they did not achieve any success they had an outstanding performance in the legs of Venezuelan Aular Orluis, who was 6th in the fourth period and 2nd in the seventh, retired in the 13th.

MD contacted the team and they assured us that they will not make any more statements than those released in the press release and that they will wait to see how the events and the Civil Guard’s own investigation before resuming -discuss the topic.

Source: La Verdad


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