Huge anger at Ferrari: “They’re cheating… Sainz’s session”


Huge anger at Ferrari: “They’re cheating… Sainz’s session”

Frédéric Vasseur, head of the Ferrari F1 teamhe seems to be very angry with FIA due to the extensive damage sustained by the vehicle Carlos Sainz due to improper drainage during only the first 8 minutes of Free Practice 1 held this Friday at the Las Vegas F1 GP.

The Spanish driver passed that point and on his on-board camera you can see how hard the impact of the manhole cover was on the floor of the car. Fortunately, the driver was not injured and the car remained upright, without hitting the wall. Otherwise, an accident at that point could be very dangerous, because Carlos hit that cover 315 km/h, straight ahead, fully accelerating in eighth gear.

The vehicle was heavily damaged and Frédéric Vasseur featured large sums of money What this setback means for Ferrari, which could have been avoided by a better analysis of the route before starting to ride.

Damage and large objects

“We completely damaged the monohull, the motor and the battery. This is unacceptable,” Vasseur expressed in statements published by the main international media. That the engine and battery have been damaged is something that can be intuited with the eye when the accident happened, because after the strong blow and jump that the car hit, on the ‘display’ of Carlos’ steering wheel it can be seen how the car was immediately turned off machine. “Turn off the engine,” he said into his steering wheel, along with the phrase “turn off the car.”

“It cost us a fortune,” he said regarding the money caused by damage caused by something that could have been avoided. “We changed Carlos’ session. We will definitely not be part of Free Practice 2. I think this kind of thing today is not acceptable for F1”concluded the Team Principal of the Italian team, furious.

“We know it’s a sporting event, we know it can happen. You can have some bad Free Practice 1 and now we have to recover at the weekend and we have to find solutions. Track time is important in this type of event with a new track for the drivers, but also for us. If Carlos misses Free Practice 2, it could hurt him in sporting terms, but we should also consider that It could be worse. “We will do our best during the weekend,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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