Haaland’s blow could affect Spain


This past Thursday, the Norwegian team played a friendly duel against Faroe Islands (2-0). A match that, despite the victory, leaves the Norwegians with weak feelings about the possible loss of Haaland It was Sunday Scotland (20:45).

The forward of City of Manchester He started as a substitute and entered after going through the locker room, substituted Jorgen Larsenin front of Celta Vigo. It’s minute seventy Haaland He sprained his left ankle while trying to reach the ball at the far post.

The Nordic star had to be treated by the Norwegian team’s medical services. However, he remained on the pitch for the remaining twenty minutes of the game, showing clear symptoms of discomfort in the damaged area. Solbakkena Norwegian coach, had used up all his substitutes by the time of the blow.

Scotland and Norway They will face each other on the last day of the qualifying phase at European Cup of Germany. The decrease of Erling Haaland will be decisive. Clearly, this is the Norwegian team’s greatest reference.

The rivalry is of high importance for the Scottish team, which can still be overcome Spain and be a leader. Scotland is second in group A -led by Spain– just two points behind those Luis de la Fuentewhich is eighteen.

Both teams have one match left to play. Spainin the view of Georgia; and Scotlandagainst a Norwegian team that can play without Haaland. Both games will be played next Sunday at 8:45 pm.

Spain, of course, depends on itself. Well, the victory in their respective rivalry will keep them as the leader of the group. A tie will do it almost. Scotland must win with more than likely defeat against Norway.

In summary, If Spain wins, it is the leader. If he loses against Georgia and Scotland won, it just is the qualifying phase second of the group.

Source: La Verdad


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