The British government, will soon approve the sale of Chelsea


The British government, will soon approve the sale of Chelsea

The British government could certainly approve the sale of Chelsea for 4,250 million pounds (5,000 million euros) in the next 24 hours, according to the BBC. However, the information specified that the agreement “still has major obstacles to be overcome” according to the testimony of an expert familiar with the operation.

The obstacles in question are related to the fact that Roman Abramovich, still the owner of Chelsea, has a Portuguese passport, so the sale must also be authorized by the authorities of this country.

According to the BBC, the ministers involved are in “intense discussions” with their counterparts in the European Commission to give them the guarantees they need to approve the operation.

Two weeks after Chelsea’s announcement

Chelsea announced on May 7 an agreement with a consortium financed by private capital led by American investor Todd Boehly, co-owner of the LA Dodgers baseball team, for 5,000 million euros.

On March 2, Russian oligarch Abramovich sold Chelsea shortly before the British government allowed him for his alleged links to Russian President Vladimir Putin following the invasion of Ukraine.

The government later issued a special license, which will expire on May 31, for Chelsea to continue operating despite restrictions such as selling tickets to matches or signing and transferring players.

Looking for guarantees

Last week, the BBC reported that the government was worried that the deal could “collapse” due to a lack of consensus with Chelsea on the proceeds of any sale.

The government’s version of events has been disputed by sources close to Abramovich, who reportedly gave legal guarantees that a £ 1.6bn loan he gave to the club would not be repaid to the Russian oligarch or his family. . Therefore, the money will go to a fixed account under the control of the British government.

Time is short

All these events complicate the final agreement as time runs out before the special license expires on May 31. The English Federation must contact UEFA at the beginning of the month the teams participating in European competitions. Chelsea finished the Premier League in third place on Sunday and earned the right to play in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, the Premier League itself is meeting on June 9 to deliver the licenses for next season.

Source: La Verdad


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