Saudi Arabia comes to tennis: This is the revolution that is coming


Tennis is preparing for its next revolution: The Grand Slams intend to take control of the Masters 1,000, wresting them away from the ATPwhich will maintain power in the 250, in the 500 and in the ATP Finals.

According to the information released by the sports channel ‘Tennis Channel’, this will be the biggest change of tennis in recent decades and that It aims to achieve greater homogenization of tournaments, without weekly ball changes which is happening, as well as a bigger distribution of prizes and bigger breaks for tennis players.

Control of the nine Masters 1,000s currently falls to the ATP, which also carries the 250, the 500 and the ATP Finals. which until 2027 will be played in Turin (Italy), while the International Tennis Federation (ITF) manages the Davis Cup and the Billie Jean King Cup (formerly the Federation Cup) and then the Grand Slams separately. (Australia, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open).

In addition to winning 1,000 Masters (the most important tournament after the Grand Slams), This new initiative will mark the entry of the tenth Masters 1,000 to be played in Saudi Arabia before the start of the Australian Open in January.

The intention of the organizers of this new project is to finalize the details when the action starts in Melbourne in Januaryaccording to The Athletic, which called this attempt a “tennis version of Formula One.”

Another reason for doing so is the concern that if Saudi Arabia – which currently only hosts the Next Gen Finals, a virtual exhibition event – is not allowed in the sport, A situation similar to what golf experienced at LIV could occurthat is, the creation of an alternative circuit with better prizes that captures the great stars of this sport.

It will also ensure the safety of the tournaments in Madrid and Miami.which is involved in rumors that Saudi Arabia may try to take their licenses.

One of the great benefits of this possible union is increased revenue from television rights.because they will all be discussed together and not each organization separately, as has been the case until now.

Source: La Verdad


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