Bildarratz does not believe it is justified that EH Bildu goes “from yes to no” against the Education Act because of “a nuance”


However, the Minister of Education has stated that “there is time” to reach “the greatest possible agreement” around the project.

The Minister of Education, Jokin Bildarratz, does not believe it is justified that EH Bildu has gone “from yes to no” to the Education Act because of “a nuance”, but has stated that “there is time” to do this. to reach the “greatest possible agreement” on the project.

Bildarratz made these statements during the ‘Basque Company / FP of Euskadi’ event organized by Confebask at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, in which it referred to the rejection of EH Bildu and his bases for the education law.

The bases of EH Bildu ratified last Tuesday with 96% of the votes the proposal of the Political Table to vote against the proposed education law agreed by the two parties supporting the Basque government, PNV and PSE-USA.

The lawyer has stated that there is “time” until December 21, the planned date for the adoption of the law, to reach “the greatest possible agreement” on “this very important bill”.

After indicating that this is the message he wants to send to the educational community, he recalled that they have worked and negotiated “for a long time.” what separates them are “nuances”.

For this reason, he has stated that he does not understand that those who “have been in the yes for the past three years are currently moving to the no.” As he emphasized, the differences are a ‘nuance’ in a sentence in a preamble to an explanatory memorandum to a law of 101 articles.

Bildarratz has assured that they ‘completely agree’ with all the articles and that it is therefore ‘not justified’ that EH Bildu ‘goes from yes to no’.

Source: EITB


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